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The University of Utah is located in in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA.


The University of Utah was founded in 1850 and is the flagship educational institution in the State of Utah. It has over 100 undergraduate degrees and 90 graduate degrees programs. There are over 32,000 students in the student body.

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The mission of Learning Abroad is to provide students with transformational academic opportunities that foster direct interaction with other cultures and international phenomena as an essential element of their overall educational experience at the University of Utah.  By working with students, faculty, administrators, and partners, we strive to support diversity, academic excellence, cultural competency, language learning, and the development of transferable skills through high quality advising, outreach, service, support, and programs.


The University of Utah School of Medicine combines excellence in teaching, research, and clinical expertise to train tomorrow's physicians for the rapidly changing world of medicine. The wilderness medicine program began in 1998. It is home to the Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) certification program and is recognized world wide as the leader in wilderness medicine. This program has trained thousands of medical students in the treatment of patients in the back country where there is no medical help available.